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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Judicial Confirmation

To say that the town board is in a bit of a political vise with regard to replacing Andrew Ceresia on the judicial bench would be an understatement. The GOP has put a condition on their endorsement for Supervisor which requires Evers to vote for Stephanie Piel who has absolutely no trial experience. Ernie Kern, a generally reliable vote with Evers was not selected by the Town GOP for endorsement to his board seat leaving him to run on the Contractor's Party otherwise known as the Conservatives. Whether Kern is aware of his status is uncertain, but this freedom leaves him free to vote as he pleases for a replacement for Ceresia.

And as for Mark Evers, many feel he's being strung like a used violin by the GOP which is waiting for his act of faith and deliverance of Kern's rosary while holding out the promise of redemption at their next committee meeting slated for May 18th. However, once they have the beads, their is no way to be sure they will deliver the coveted crucifix to the Conservative Board members, Evers and Kern.

Desso seems to have evaded the pressure of the inquisition with his support from the GOP reaching beyond the local congregation of Republicans and on to the larger county clergy of the Republican cloth. He can vote for anyone other than Piel and not be punished with a penance any greater than a few Hail Mary's.

So who will be baptised by this most dysfunctional town board at their meeting Thursday night? Our guess is no one, because no one seems to have amassed the three votes necessary for confirmation. "Judge For Sale" may be the appropriate sign touting the shenanigans at town hall, but so far the penance appears too rich for some who are either nervous about the threats they received from Republicans or uncertain about the word of their would be benefactors.

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