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Monday, May 11, 2009

Desso Seeks Working Families Endorsement

We can only imagine what they were thinking at the WF Party after learning that Conservative Lou Desso applied for their endorsement for his run for the County Legislature? After all, Desso tried to grab every party line in existence in an effort to secure his last election effort in North Greenbush. His GOP allies had successfully taken charge of the Democratic Party in North Greenbush last time around so he and his then running mates Mark Evers and Al Spain managed to secure nearly every line on the ballot. It is noteworthy that Desso would not have won the town board seat without the Democratic line where he garnered the most votes and that he will not have that line in the fall.

Of course that does make it hard to to claim a particular party's values as your own if you claim to be a man for all seasons and the WF folks know this well. But look to Desso and future running mate Leon Fiacco to enter a WFP write in primary in the fall. Fiacco has been busy switching the enrollment of friends in town to the WFP in preparation for the effort and the WFP is well aware of the effort.

Special Meeting will focus on Judicial Candidates

As predicted, Mark Evers, desperate for GOP support, has called a special meeting of the town board to interview prospective judicial candidates for this Wednesday evening. The meeting is little more than political cover, or so he thinks, for his expected vote and that of Ernie Kern, for the GOP candidate for Town Justice, Stephanie Piel.

Sources confirm that the GOP Committee has let them know that their endorsement for the Republican line for each in the town election is dependent on their delivery of a town board vote for their candidate. Yes, that is a federal and state crime revolving around bribery and coercion which is sure to attract some very unwanted attention on Thursday when Evers and Kern, at least, are likely to bow to the pressure to use their votes on the town board to appoint the least qualified person available to them with the expectation that their votes will be rewarded shortly thereafter by the Republican Committee and County Chairman with an endorsement and Wilson-Pakula waiver allowing them to have designating petitions accepted at the Board of Elections for Supervisor and Town Council.

Heat Up on Second GOP Judicial Choice to Resign Conflicting Job

The heat is up on Charles Sarris who is Troy's Corporation Council and North Greenbush Special District's attorney to resign one of his conflicted posts. Here is today's Record column which trys to open his eyes on the right thing to do. Apparently putting North Greenbush taxpayers first is the last thing on Sarris's mind when it comes to his job in Troy which includes negotiating water rates with his counterpart, himself, in North Greenbush. So folks, turn on your faucets and pay through the nose, until Charles Sarris wakes up and says it's time to go.

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Interested Party said...

Looks like Lou the Pit Bull will be busy securing every line he can get his hands on- oh, maybe I shouldn't use the word "lines" when writing about Lou- someone might get the wrong idea. And do you think Al Spain is bringing his Troy boys a little too close to home?