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Monday, May 18, 2009

Hold or Play for the GOP

Tonight the Town Republican Committee meets in a meeting in which they are supposed to decide who gets their nomination for Supervisor. The Committee had deferred that choice at their last meeting in order to allow Mark Evers to deliver his vote for their judicial candidate, Stephanie Piel in a quid pro quo worthy of the indicted former Illinois Governor.

Ahh, but what to do now that the Town Board met last week and failed to deliver the ransom? Should the Committee deliver the hostage before the ransom is paid and trust Mark Evers? What excuse will they use to defer until after the town board meets in a special meeting this Thursday in the hope of delivering the 3 votes needed to put the least qualified attorney of 4 being considered on the bench?

Many eyes are watching and waiting to see if this effort to corrupt the official acts of a municipal body are successful and word has it the GOP is in for a big surprise Thursday night.
But for now lets wait and see whether the GOP is able to muster enough courage to remove some of the stigma that would emanate from a delay of their endorsement until after Mark Evers votes Thursday night. Better yet, we have to wonder why Ernie Kern would play this game for a Council endorsement since the GOP has already announced their two town council candidates at their recent, poorly attended fundraiser? Their candidates, GOP Committeeman Bott and Conservative Committeewoman Hoffman were announced at that event leaving Mr. Kern adrift in a political sea of displaced politicians. His rejection leaves the GOP with no leverage in securing Kern's vote for Piel and by most counts, a vote shy of the 3 person majority needed to secure the appointment.

This assumes that Lou Desso will support the GOP candidate although, he would loose a great deal of face if he too were to succumb to the political extortion being played out for his vote and future nomination for the legislature. Desso can reject the local pressure without too much fear of retribution since his county support will not lessen if he rejects this town committee's pressure on behalf of Piel.

We'll be waiting for some results from tonight's meeting and will share that information if possible so long as it does not jeopardize our sources.

Democrats Hold Fundraiser in Troy Tonight
Legislative Democrats are holding a fundraiser at the Irish Mist in Troy at 5:30 this evening. Tickets are $35.00.


Anonymous said...

ALL EYES ARE ON YOU, LOU!!!!! Will you be a man of conscience or a pawn in the endorsement giveaway game? My vote and many others are on the line. DO THE RIGHT THING. Last chance.

Anonymous said...

I see the GOP did not endorse a candidate for Clerk. Was that a type-O?