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Friday, May 15, 2009

Hear the Board Speak

Editor's note: No one in town hall appears interested in allowing the public to see its proceedings on Public Access TV despite all the money spent on equipment including a thousand dollar ceiling cam which collects dust above center stage. Despite a frenzied rush to get the equipment and ability to record the meetings for TV, once accomplished, the equipment stands idle in the heap of waste of taxpayer money. So we will continue to provide the public an opportunity to listen to those proceedings whenever possible through this publication and the remarkable technology behind it.

If you had any doubt that there are strong personal feelings of dislike between town board members Evers, Desso and Spain, just listen to the frustration over the manner Evers calls special meetings. The discussion item on requiring the Supervisor to provide phone notice to members in an effort to get a consensus on a special meeting date was placed on the agenda by Lou Desso. Both he and Spain made it clear to Evers they were on the same page, complaining about the lack of consideration shown for members schedules.

Gee boys, when you all were on his side sitting in the audience getting yourselves geared up to be Mark Evers running mates last year, you took his side when Democrats complained about his lawless conduct and in your face rule. You never complained when Evers flat out refused to call a special meeting as is required by law upon the written request of any two board members. Never mind Evers calling a meeting and not communicating with you. He just flat out refused to call a meeting because he did not want the majority to pass the Comprehensive Plan.

When Desso and Spain joined the board a few days later, they joined Evers in stopping adoption of the Comprehensive Plan, appointed a new committee consisting primarily of party hacks and lackeys, then approved a NO BID contract to do it all over again.

Here we are 17 months later and the town still has no Comprehensive Plan approved and taxpayers are out all that money needlessly spent to do it all over. Boys, we know its frustrating to deal with Evers, but you bought his garbage just like your predecessors did and found out as they did, that Evers just ain't an honest guy. Too bad about the way he schedules meetings, your both right. But too bad you bought his crap about the Comprehensive Plan and allowed his deception to cause you both to screw it all up.

Let's just hope you have the intestinal fortitude not to drive off the cliff with him next Thursday as he sells his office to the town GOP. Judge for Sale, Party Endorsement Needed. Call the roll...

Troy Record article on Justice position.

There is a short article in today's Record on this situation which you can read here.

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Anonymous said...

Now, Mr. Desso stated that there was one judicial candidate that stands out more than the others. Is he referring to the lovely Ms. Piel, who carries the endoresements needed by himself?
Lou, Lou, Lou- you are NOT in South Troy anymore.