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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A $5,000 Favor?

Well, it sure looks suspicious to say the least. This is a January 2009 repair bill from a private contractor hired to fix work completed by the Conservative Contractor in Water District 14. Even some town officials found this one questionable as someone drew arrows to the explaination provided by the contractor for the repair, a notation that is unfortunately absent from most of the bills submitted to the town for payment.

The notation reads "Found 8" sleeve coupling with loose bolts allowing fitting to leak, tightened bolts, stopped leak". Well pardon us for asking, but whom do you suppose would be responsible for failing to tighten those bolts in the first place? And who was supposed to be approving the work on behalf of the town? So why then was this $5,000 plus repair bill not charged to the original contractor for reimbursement? Well, gee, we all know the reason for that! No repair bill has ever been charged back under warranty to the contractor, not a one so far that we have examined.

The folks running the Building Department wouldn't have it any other way. We won't repeat the political connections that keep the money flowing or again question the competence of the folks looking the other way at issues like this. Suffice to say that the Town Board needs to ask these questions and hold those responsible accountable. So far, they have done nothing so voters will be itching to weigh in on the Town Board's performance come November, no matter what this crew runs for or from.

Fiacco's Forgotten Criticism

This letter in today's Troy Record and also on the Democratic party web page by North Greenbush Democratic Chairman Dan Ashley reminds voters that would be Republican candidates like Leon Fiacco and Lou Desso are being propped up by Republican staffer Richard Crist with letters attacking tax hikes when sponsored by State Democrats but never a word of criticism of County Republicans tax hikes or pay raises. They should know that when voters pull levers in county races, they won't be deciding their vote based on what candidates at the State or Federal level are doing. They will be focused on what the county candidates have done or plan to do. County Republicans are the prime example of tax and spend politicans here in Rensselaer County so good luck fellows.

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