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Friday, February 20, 2009

Taxpayers Still Footing The Tab for Health Insurance Freeloaders

If you thought the Town Board resolution passed last December which clarified who was eligible for taxpayer funded health insurance resulted in the removal of those without standing for the insurance, you were wrong.

Folks like contractual employee Tom Murley, with just over 5 years of service as a town employee and part time Supervisor Mark Evers are still receiving the benefits. According to a document circulated at Town Hall, the Comptroller's Office is in the process of reviewing eligibility pursuant to that resolution. Further, it appears there will be an effort to recover funds on behalf of taxpayers which were improperly paid as premiums to people who were not entitled to the insurance, ie Murley and Evers.

Time will tell whether the Town Board will permit the Comptroller's Office to recover those funds which total tens of thousands of dollars. But if the town board fails to pursue recovery of these funds, you can bet a major campaign issue will be the result of that failure to protect taxpayers. No, we would not want to be a candidate for any office in November, if as a member of the Town Board, we did nothing to recover these funds and remove these freeloaders from the public dole.

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Anonymous said...

This must just be part of the North Greenbush stimulus package. I think Casalle got the rest of it.