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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fussin' and Fuedin'

The old alliances in town hall have been stretched pretty thin lately. The Supervisor still has sidekick Ernie Kern, both of whom are shopping for a party endorsement to stay in their Board seats. But the Town Clerk who was part of the Evers alliance that sold out the Democratic Party to the GOP last year isn't seeing eye to eye with Evers or even the old friend she fought to get in as Assessor.

Sources confirm that Clerk Connolly and friend John Harkin who is the Assessor, aren't on good terms since Harkin permitted a clerk in his office to use flex time for her hours. Ms. Connolly doesn't like the privilege being extended to the employee for reasons unbeknown to us. However, the Supervisor is not weighing in on the practice either, further infuriating Ms. Connolly.

The bottom line is a strained relationship between Ms. Connolly and her former allies. That's probably like the relationship she has with majority of the Town Democratic Committee, many of whom are still smarting over Connolly's vote to "remove" two committee members whom she didn't agree with along with the former Jeff Spain majority.

What goes around, comes around as the old adage states. Should be an interesting election season.

Democratic Chair Says Town Board Should Act on Waiver

It seems logical that since the waiver application sent to the State Department of Civil Service was signed by the Supervisor on behalf of the appointing authority, the whole town board, that the town board should either affirm its contents as truthful or have the guts, should we say, outrage, to reject its contents.

It's safe to say that if this Board takes no action on the waiver, it becomes complicit, once again creating a powerful campaign tool against those looking to get elected to a public office this November.

Here is Dan Ashley's press release.

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