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Monday, January 5, 2009

Organizational Meeting Thursday Night

Thursday at 5:30PM, the Town Board will hold its "Organizational Meeting" for 2009. This is a meeting in which the board adopts its "rules" for the year under which it will conduct business. It might also make appointments to open positions such as the Planning or Zoning Boards, etc.

It is open to the public and will be held at the regular meeting room location.

Judge Andrew Ceresia endorsed by Rensselaer County Democrats for County Court Judge

Town Justice Andrew Ceresia has been selected by the Rensselaer County Democratic Committee as its candidate for County Court Judge, filling a vacancy created by the election of Judge McGrath to Supreme Court. A recommendtaion by the County Committee has been sent to the Governor who will likely approve a qualified member of his party as recommended by the local party committee.

Once the governor approves an appointment, and assuming it is his party's nominee, Ceresia, there will be a vacancy in a slot for town justice. The Town Board will fill that vacancy pending a special election for the post in November. Again, the local party committees will make recommendations to their members on the town board to fill that vacancy. Here in North Greenbush with 4 of the current 5 board members clearly aligned with Republicans despite their prior endorsements by Democrats, look for a 4-1 vote for a Republican with only Alan Michaels supporting a Democrat. At least that's the bet we are taking as "Democrat" Al Spain is employed by the GOP at Troy City Hall and has voted to support GOP choices for town positions and contracts since he took office last January.
We'll keep you posted on this and other issues were following including one that could result in a criminal prosecution of our town supervisor.
Insurance Update
No one in town hall in a position of authority has moved to remove people from the town insurance who are not entitled to receive it. A resolution was adopted establishing criteria for eligibility that would require several folks to be removed from the taxpayer funded policy but to date, they continue to collect. Let's see if action is taken in time for the 2009 premium payments to CDPHP, the provider.

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Interested Party said...

No doubt appointments filled with useless Germano/Connolly friends and lovers. Not what you know, but who you know. And, BTW, Mark- don't count on $$ from Joe Bruno to help out Water District 14- Uncle Joe promised $4.5 million for the Rensselaer School land deal and we're still waiting for payment. Thanks for nothin'.