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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ashley Seeks Funds For I90 Connector

While the town board majority stalls passage of the Comprehensive Plan using a no bid contract to do it over, the Town democratic Chairman who made creation and passage of a Comprehensive Plan a key part of the party platform in 2005 has turned up the heat to get it done.
Dan Ashley sent this press release out yesterday calling for Congressional support to use funds being planned for a national economic stimulus to build the connector. The strategy is that here is money, partially pre approved and plans done long ago that will help create even more jobs by fueling the RPI Tech Park, the location where the connector ends.

Instead of spending money to build a "bridge to nowhere" Ashley sees this money as a means of continued job ceation and a "road to our future".

Too bad the Town Board majority has stalled passage of the Comprehensive Plan for more than a year and with it, a key recommendation to build the I 90 connector. But as we turned the political calender to 2009, town elections offer the promise that help is on the way with a new town board and the end to the mindless obstructionist tactics of Mark Evers and his supporters in town government.

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Interested Party said...

May as well give up on the I-90 connector and chase something that has a chance of being funded and built. The current Fed funding amount is around $20 million and the cost of the job is estimated between $60 to $80 million- do you really think that NYS and RC will fork over the rest- not a snowball's chance. Best to concentrate on important items like getting the Board and Clerk positions back in responsible person's hands so the Town can move forward in a positive direction. Thanks for listening.