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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Special Board Meeting Called for Tomorrow on Water 14

Water District 14 is the gift that keeps taking. And no wonder the way folks in the Building Department whose job was to interpret, (without asking for legal guidance) the contract, decided to interpret it.

A meeting has been called for tomorrow night at 6PM to figure out how a settlement which was supposed to conclude the construction, apparently isn't enough! How it is possible to agree to a settlement that does not do what it is supposed to do is a grand daddy of a question whose answer must rest on the competence of the language of the agreement. But remember, this is North Greenbush where department head Michael Miner once wrote a memo explaining how a contract price is a "supposed price". Here is a link to that famous Water 14 memo. And you should read today's Troy Record which exposes the newest chapter to the gift that keeps taking, Water 14's never ending contract and pricing, even after another million dollars to the contract.

So now the new Conservative town board majority will begin to understand the frustration that comes from dealing with folks who really don't know what they are doing. We'll, they know how to negotiate a contract for themselves, grab big health insurance buyouts, get on the town insurance policy without being employed by the town or getting considered "retired" with five years of service. So it should come as no surprise that they don't know how to interpret a contract that respects a bid price and requires change orders if that bid price is going to be exceeded for any reason. Not here in North Greenbush, where the bid price is simply a supposed price and a settlement price is apparently open ended.
By the way, we did forget to tell you about that teaser on who attended the town GOP fundraiser. We'll tell you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

i wonder why the town hasn't gotten a "give back" from the contractor. the contractor was told by mr. murley that he only had to compact the soil when the pipe line was in the road area. this crazy statement/direction was admitted to by mr. murley during a town information meeting. the fact being that mr. murley did not have right to tell the contractor that he could violate specs which saved the contractor thousands upon thousands of dollars by not having the time and labor to do the job correctly. also think about the other contractors that if they were aware of this foolish order could sue the town for giving the contractor an undue advantage.....so it goes in crazyville