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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Spain’s GOP Debut

About a week ago, North Greenbush Republicans under new chairman Greg DiJulio, held their first fundraiser at $50 a pop. Naturally, the GOP faithful were in attendance including Lou Desso and his running mate Mark Evers. But the "Republican" who really stood out was a member of the Rensselaer County Democratic Committee from North Greenbush Election District 3, former Democratic Chairman Jeff Spain.

For months, Democrats have been calling Spain a Republican for selling out his party to the GOP by endorsing their candidates in the last election. With his attendance at a GOP fundraiser there is no longer any doubt as to his political loyalties.

An honorable guy would resign from the Rensselaer County Democratic Committee if he were intent on using his party post to work with the political opposition. But honor seems an evasive concept to someone whose final days as a Democratic Party Officer were spent ignoring his responsibility to call a committee reorganization meeting within 20 days of the primary and unlawfully liquidating thousands of dollars in party funds to charities leaving just .45 cents in the party checking account which he refused to turn over.

So town Republicans had to be wondering aloud as Jeff Spain, Democratic Committeeman, showed them the meaning of party loyalty as he spent cash to help the opposite political faith gear up for next year's town elections. It's the same lesson Republicans have learned with Mark Evers, the lesson most Democrats learned three years ago after they first endorsed him only to find him to be a man with no soul.

As they wander in search of a place to belong, those who have made a place for themselves in one party or another can only use caution as these creatures of uncertainty try to dance with anyone who will fall victim to their claims of loyalty.

So dance away, Mr. Spain and the GOP! Wonder no more what the GOP faithful were thinking as they gazed in amazement at your presence at their fund raiser.


Anonymous said...

Greg DiJulio is too smart a politician to fall for Evers, Kern or Jeff Spain. He'll spend Spain's money and clean the stains of last year's endorsements.

Interested Party said...

No doubt Greg is a smart guy but he's a slave to Merola- so it will be business as usual with the County bigs running the NG Republicans- worked out well in the '05 elections- have we learned anything from our past mistakes?