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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Logic of Contradictions

You have to be scratching your head after reading Mark Evers world of contradictions in his so called Supervisor's Report in this week's Advertiser. Creative Writing 101 must have included a course in Contradictory Logic as the report details all the reasons the town needs a full time supervisor. Some 50% of the verbiage is devoted to this justification. Yet it concludes with a short sentence amounting to a "commitment" to keep the salary at $23,335 for fiscal years 2010 and 2011 IF Mark is elected, which is a contradiction of a statement he made at the November 13th Board meeting announced by CH 6 news.

Now there's a pledge from the heart if ever we read one. This is the same Mark Evers who pledged to the Democratic Committee in 2005 his full support for the Comprehensive Plan only to spend the next 3 years sabotaging it on behalf of developers. He even voted against it's passage with his other pledge breaker Ernie Kern.So now after explaining why we need a full time supervisor in such detail, he pledges not to permit it if elected!

It must have been a rough week after trying so hard to get through the recession and joblessness with a quick salary fix at taxpayer expense. He gave out money to just about everyone we can think of from water contractors to town employees wanting insurance and buyouts.He claims not be be raising our taxes despite imposing a new million dollar bond on the entire town for water 14 and increasing the two tax levies by 3% each.

His "report" is little more than an exercise in the frustrations of logical contradictions. Enjoy the read folks, if you can bear it!

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Interested Party said...

I could not agree more with your comments. At the last meeting, Mark said he was not running again-now he talks about holding the line on the salary for 2010 and 2011 if he gets re-elected. Maybe he hit Happy Hour before he drafted that report- we better stay on top of this one.