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Friday, October 17, 2008

Dangerous Pooch Off Death Row

This story in the Times Union explains the decision of a judge to stay the execution of a dog that caused a serious injury to a person.

In part the decision reads:"the town failed to substantiate the dangerous dog label because no testimony was taken from the young girl and her cousin, who were alone with the dog before the attack. "
"The two girls, who were present when the attack occurred, were not called as witnesses," Jacon wrote in his ruling. "Without any testimony to explain the dogs conduct in the moments leading up to the attack, the court is unable to determine whether the dogs conduct was unjustified. Such a determination cannot be made based on the testimony and evidence presented at the hearing."

In other words, the legal eagles representing the town in the town court screwed up. Then again, given who Jeff Spain and company told the town board majority to hire in those positions, can you be surprised?
Spain's Loyal Democrats Endorse Republican Senate Candidate
Without thinking of the value of an endorsement should the Senate Majority go Democratic, Jeff's Spain's brother Al, a so called Democrat and Mark Evers, his endorsed Supervisor candidate seeking an $280% pay raise have endorsed so called "fiscal conservative" Republican Roy McDonald. Perhaps Jeff got the wrong instructions when he donated $650.00 in party funds to the Democratic candidate for Senate, Mike Russo?
Personally, we think the money is worth much more than a meaningless endorsement from turncoat Democrats who are embracing a Republican who will likely, if elected, join in obscurity, a Republican Minority in the State Senate.
Read about the endorsements here.


Anonymous said...

the person i feel sorry for is "big" al spain ..his entire life has been as a real dem. who to this day supports only real dems...........

Anonymous said...

I hope that dog is locked securely behind a tall fence. It will attack again.

How can those lawyers sleep at night? All I can see are those innocent young girl's scars.