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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


One of the great privileges we have as Americans is our right to vote, to choose who will lead us and to reject those who we feel should not hold the responsibilities entrusted to public office.
Today from noon until 9 PM the polls are open in North Greenbush. If you are a Democrat, you will choose your party's representative for Congress to replace Michael McNulty. You will also have a chance to decide who will represent your party in the State Senate race as will members of the Republican party who must also choose a candidate. Finally, North Greenbush Democrats will elect their party's representatives on the County Democratic Committee.
The last mention will decide whether Jeff Spain and his GOP endorsing slate of candidates continue to sell out the Democratic Party to the GOP. Worse, they are the folks who hold purge trials of political opponents who dare to dissent and stand up to their dictates. This is not what the Democratic Party stands for and for that matter what any American political party should accept. So we urge Democrats to take their party back from the darkness that Spain and his slate represent.
Those Democrats opposing Spain's policies including his love affair with development as exemplified with his infamous declaration supporting RT 4 becoming the next Wolf Road include:
ED1 Jann Liberty and Jack Rogers
ED2 Jo Ashworth and Sarah Ashley
ED3 John Welcome and Greg Spencer
ED4 Chris Premo and Michael Cavanaugh
ED5 Mark Premo and Fred Ashworth
ED5 Charles Smith and Joshua Sabo
ED7 Joe Novak and Robert Price
ED8 Patricia Noel and Daniel Ashley
There is also a Working Families Party primary for State Senate today as well.
Whatever you do today, please vote!

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