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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Spain's Reign Coming To End

The big news in North Greenbush is that the Democratic Committee leadership of Jeff Spain will come to an end as a result of last night primaries involving the town's 16 county committee seats. While Spain retained his seat in district 3, his running mates did not retain a majority of the crucial weighted vote. As a result, when the newly elected committee meets within the next 20 days as required by law, a new Chairman will be elected from the new majority guided to victory by Spain's "purge victims" Dan Ashley and CB Smith.

Yes, it must have been sweet to have both Ashley and Smith win decisively in their battles for committee seats against Spain's candidates, especially after Spain held a purge trial to humiliate and illegally act to "remove" them from their seats. His actions were formally repudiated by the county committee just a short time later, making Spain and his allies look foolish and vindictive. (Gee, too bad the new leadership doesn't convene it's own purge trial for Spain! But that would serve only to be as small as those who engineered the last blight on town politics.)

Nonetheless, Democrats can be assured of a party Chairman who will endorse and work for Democrats, not Republicans in the next town caucus. That spells trouble for Mark Evers, Ernie Kern and anyone else they may try to bring to the caucus against a slate of Democrats committed to their party's values including the immediate passage of the Comprehensive Plan the current Spain Board is making a mockery of.

Those on Spain's ticket must face the reality that they can either join the new majority or vote against it and work against it. Time will tell as the 20 day meeting clock begins to tick and new members move to inform Spain that they expect all committee funds to be preserved and turned over at the organizational meeting.

Postal Inspectors
It seems the US Postal Service was looking for Jeff Spain yesterday, literally walking the streets in an effort to find him. Spain's signed fliers on behalf of his slate were placed not only in mailboxes but left in large quantities in the lobby of the post office which is a federal crime. Gotta use those stamps Jeff!
Congrats to Tonko
Our congratulations to Paul Tonko after his big win last night for the Democratic nomination for Congress in the 21st District. His win is bad news for Tom Matthews who worked for the Brooks campaign, betting his current job on McNulty's staff.


Anonymous said...

This Defreestville resident was especially glad to see the defeat of Carl Fiacco in District 6. Considering he just sold a piece of land the the developers for a hefty price, nobody is more pro-development (or would that be pro-destruction) of Defreestville than Fiacco. Guess his neighbors really are paying attention to his actions.

Voters didn't buy the "please vote" letter from Spain claiming "smart growth"...there's nothing smart about retail development with an infastructure that won't be able to handle the flow of traffic. His letter actually claimed the new retail complexes would have no impact to residents! Good luck to everyone getting around town and commuting to work!

Unfortunately, the damage of the Evers administration has been done and we're going to be left paying for water we don't use and a village covered in concrete and polluted by automobiles rather than something really wonderful that could have been created here. They don't make more land...thanks for ruining it boys! With this economy and the history of retail on this side of the river, how long will it be before we're seeing malls with empty stores?

Anonymous said...

Thank God! Katty lost her seat. She must be fuming today.

Anonymous said...

She has burned too many bridges