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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Spain's Late Financial Report

Jeff Spain and his GOP supporting band of so called "Reformed Democrats" have finally filed their July 15th Financial Disclosure Report. As expected, they had to disclose their fine to the State Board of Elections for failing to file all of their prior reports on a timely basis. In fact they only filed them when the fine was levied.

You can read their report here. The fine was listed as a "fee" but nonetheless remains an unfortunate waste of party funds for not fulfilling the most basic of legal requirements under State Election Law.

This group of "Democrats" is holding a Golf Fundraiser next week to support their GOP endorsed candidates running the town board. We expect that their slate of committee candidates will be in attendance whose platform must include support for the actions of this new town board.

That platform is impressive indeed beginning with their refusal to adopt the completed Comprehensive Plan for North Greenbush. Add to that the group's support for a no bid contract worth another $38,000 to "complete" the completed plan they refuse to support.

Then of course this group's candidates for town board hired an attorney with a stellar criminal record to prosecute cases in town court and another, a Republican, who was removed from the bench by the State's highest court for misconduct. Neither are town residents.

We can't omit their support for another million dollars for their allies in the water business. A settlement that would sock it to the entire town to pay for the mismanagement of Water 14 over runs without change orders is likely to be on the meeting agenda and we look forward to seeing representatives of the two sides of Democrats taking sides for or against more money to the Conservative Party Chairman's company.

Of course with 8.1 million the likely final number for Water District's 14's 6.4 million dollar contract, we are anxious to hear whether the Spain committee candidates want anyone in town hall held responsible for authorizing the payments for this pending fleecing of taxpayer pockets. Hell no, now why would committee candidates want one of the boys fired for such malfeasance with public funds.

In any event, we wish the Spain "Democratic" crew luck as they garner support to help re-elect Republicans at their fundraiser next week. The way things have been going with the weather, they better bring boats as well as umbrellas.

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