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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Roy McDonald Campaigns with Lou Desso in NG

Another of Jeff Spain's endorsed town board candidates who was also endorsed by the GOP is helping Spain's Democratic Party candidates on the campaign trail by campaigning with their opponents. Lou Desso was seen campaigning with State Senate candidate Roy McDonald on Saturday with Lou doing the driving. We're sure Spain and his GOP leaning Democratic Committee candidates see nothing wrong with their endorsed "Democrats" working with the GOP while leaving Democrats high and dry.

Lou's Run In With Vice Chairman Ed Cassino

Our sources say that last week, the newly elected Councilman caught an earful from an angry Ed Cassino, the Vice Chair of Jeff Spain's so called Democrats. The argument in town hall was over a letter published by Desso thanking folks for their work on a playground at the town beach. Trouble is, some of those credited didn't do much on the play ground and the Vice Chairman wasn't mentioned in the councilman's thank you letter and felt he should have been credited.

Why Mr. Desso took the verbal tongue lashing is anyone's guess since one would think the councilman is one of Mr. Cassino's five bosses on the town board. Perhaps a letter of reprimand is in the works for the Vice Chair.

We also received a couple of inquiries about all that volunteer work Mr. Cassino claims to have done at town hall saving taxpayers more than $20,000 painting and repairing town hall. The claim was published in last week's Advertiser in a column announcing Ed's re-election bid to the Democratic Committee.

In reality, Mr. Cassino did not do volunteer work. The work he claims to have done was part of a town hall political job for which he is being paid with taxpayer funds. A close read of the letter leaves the fact that he did this work as part of a paid town job, unmentioned, leaving, well, the wrong impression.

So if you were planning to vote for Mr. Cassino because of all the volunteer work he did at town hall, find another reason, perhaps his support for Republican endorsed candidates while holding a seat on the Democratic County Committee.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Boys in a school arguing over a playground? Sounds about right for this town!

Does anyone really think the taxpayers and voters of this town care about a playground and consider it an accomplishment? What we do care about is good planning, positive and legal development for this town (that doesn't include another strip mall), water and sewer districts that function and are built timely and within budget, non-partisan work and a town government that is responsive to the resident's needs with honesty and integrity.

If the political operatives in this town can accomlish those things, they they'd have something to share in the newspaper to pat themselvs on the back about.