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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Raise Your Glasses and Vote!

No, you won't see puddles on the floors of the town's 6 polling places on September 9th, but you might see an effect of the anger voters are expressing over Jeff Spain's so called Democrats who many will have a chance to thank for their endorsement and continued support of a town board majority that is trying to soak all town residents with more than a million dollar bill for overruns in Water District 14.

Spain has a slate of candidates he hopes will keep him in charge of a Democratic Committee that is in political bed with county Republicans and the contractor's Conservatives as Primary Day approaches. Now the effects of their endorsement of this majority will be felt in the wallets of all voters, not just Democrats, who will decide who represents the Democratic Committee and Party for the next two years.

In case you don't know who the "We Love More Water Bills" slate of Spain candidates are, here's a handy list of those who support the million plus settlement for Casale Excavating paid for by the entire town, all eight election districts. Now that's fair, right?

The more money for water slate posing as Democrats are:

Dist.1- Frank Guiliano,Nancy Spain; Dist 2 -Richard French, Mark White; Dist 3- Kyran Devery, Jeffery Spain; Dist 4- Patrick Nolan Dist 5- Ed Cassino, Tony Farina; Dist 6- Carl Fiacco; Dist 7- Doreen Connolly, William O’Neil; Dist 8- Kathryn Connolly, William Madsen.

Drink up folks, in North Greenbush the only thing cheaper than water is beer and gasoline and you can't drink gasoline! Cheers!

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