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Friday, August 24, 2007

Caucus Called!

The Democratic Party Caucus for North Greenbush Democrats has been officially called and noticed. It will take place on Wednesday September 5th at 7PM at the Troy Lodge of Elks, RT 4 in North Greenbush.


Anonymous said...

People keep talking about the caucus. What does that matter? Will the politicians pick a democrat slate for the primary?

Anonymous said...

The Caucus matters because it is our only chance to get candidates on the line other than the corruption ticket (Evers, Spain etc.) If people don't get out and vote, if people don't get involved, our current situation will not only continue, but get worse. Once the Democrats do their part by voting in the Caucus, we need the Republicans to do their part by voting in the Primary. Only by this involvement will we have a choice on election day.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, a real big choice, the DANA jerks or the Ashley/Smith puppets. A vote for either is a vote for further destruction of our Town. Chances of seeing this on the Pipeline - 0.

The North Greenbush Pipeline said...

On the contrary, posting comments from cynics causes truly concerned comments to shine.