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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Desso Plays with County Fire

Running all over the place at yesterday's news conference in which a GOP candidate for county executive, Chris Meyer, announced his intention to run was our own Lou Desso.

Surely he charged the time from his undeserved full time county job as a Deputy Commissioner, but that aside, his endorsement in the the GOP primary battle rolls the dice with his county job.

The other announced candidate Assemblyman Steve McLoughlin is a better than even bet to win the nod and he has the endorsement of Tom Connolly who issues Wilson Pakula waivers for the Independence Party.

Oh my, what happens to Lou's job in the county if McLoughlin wins the GOP primary? And how angry is Connolly going to be over Lou's picking of the candidate Connolly did not endorse.

Stay tuned!

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