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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Remarks of former County Chair Disgraceful

Former Democratic County Chair Tom Wade appears to live in a world of obsessions which have needlessly hurt the subjects of his attacks, enveloping them in total falsehoods. His comments about Andrew Ceresia were the latest example of over the top and untruthful attacks by Wade.

The above letter published in the Advertiser scratch the surface of Wade's hypocrisy. While criticizing Ceresia for accepting a cross endorsement from Republicans, Wade has literally handed Republicans key county offices without a fight. He has never run a candidate for County Executive in all the years he held the county chairmanship. Last election cycle he refused to call a county meeting so the committee members could nominate a candidate for Sheriff if they chose to. There were two Democrats interested but Wade disliked them so he refused to allow anyone to run against the GOP's candidate. He thus handed the GOP the office unopposed, a back handed cross endorsement.

As the above letter notes, Wade endorsed a non party member for Troy Mayor over two registered Democrats he did not favor. Never mind that the candidate happens to be the brother of the sitting GOP County Executive. To Wade, disloyalty is a narrow and singular view within his mind alone.

Fortunately Wade is no longer Chairman. However, he sits on the party's Executive Committee where he continues to embarrass the new Chairman and nearly every party member with his disgraceful rants. So while we agree he should  apologize for his remarks regarding Justice Ceresia, he should also resign from the Executive Committee. Don't worry, there won't be a movement to purge him as he did to one committee member he removed with an outrageous unjust if not unconstitutional party hearing. Most Democrats feel such actions denigrate everything the party should stand for just as reasonable Democrats, a vast majority, feel Andrew Ceresia has an impeccable reputation, one that Mr. Wade's rants can't blemish.

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