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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Desso goes for the gold!

While we've been taking it easy for a while, we have been keeping our ears open. There are a couple of things to expose but today we'll just let you know that Lou Desso wants to make the Supervisor's job full time with a whopping salary of $70,00 plus.

First he has to have 3 votes on the town board to put any change in the law up for a public mandatory referendum. If he has the votes things will get interesting in a hurry. A public campaign against the change would likely bring it to defeat as part of his proposal includes a change from a 2 to 4 year term.  That prevents the voters from changing a town board majority every 2 years if they choose. It could stick them with a board majority for 4 years that they could have changed in 2 years.

But the best part is adding this greed by Desso to his portfolio which includes using his influence to get an $81,000 county job he isn't qualified for by changing the job description removing a 4 year degree and masters degree as prerequisites.  Connections count, like getting his son a big paying job in the DA's office and hiring another relative in town hall.  And lets not overlook the unprecedented campaign contributions from all those developers who never saw a lot they didn't like. Tens of thousands of dollars were contributed to his campaign account in the last few years.

Yes there is more to tell but for now, lets see if a Local Law appears on the Board agenda to increase the term and salary of the Town Supervisor.

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Interested Party said...

Just like when Mr. Evers tried this a few years ago this should go down in flames- but surprised it took King Louie this long to throw it on the table- can't wait for the public hearings- should be interesting.