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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bob Ashe getting Political Blackmail from GOP and Tom Connolly

Bob Ashe is trying to gain some leverage with the GOP as a Conservative candidate for Sheriff. But the powers that be want him out of the way and so they have let it be known that his sister will not receive a Wilson Pakula waiver for the Independence line in her City Council race in Troy unless Ashe bows out of his bid for Sheriff.

Blackmail pure and simple and something that deserves a prosecution but not with Joel Abelove as District Attorney.  He looks the other way when his political allies get entangled and is probably popping a few Tylenols as he is squeezed by the press about whether he will recuse from the prosecution of the Conservative Party Chairman recently arrested in North Greenbush for DWI. Can't wait to see how they get the waivers for all of Rensselaer County by pulling him out of rehab.

After all Joel got that critical Wilson Pakula waiver from the Chairman last year giving him the Conservative line for DA, without which he would be doing something other that making a mess out of the DA's office.
But this DA takes care of his political friends. Just ask Martin Reid and Richard Crist.

So we await the drama unfolding in North Greenbush. Read about it here.

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Anonymous said...

They eat their own, apparently.Karma in it's naked form.