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Monday, September 8, 2014

Welcome Back to North Greenbush Mr. Crist!


The case has been transferred to Sand Lake Town Court. Media outlets are attempting to access photos of the injuries sustained by the victim. Republicans running the Rensselaer County Legislature remain silent on the serious charges against their employee taking no action to suspend him pending the outcome of this domestic violence case.  So much for a zero tolerance policy by the elected officials running the county legislature.
While the transfer to the North Greenbush Court sat for some time without reaction by the two town judges, it took just a day for the Pipeline to shake the tree forcing both judges to punt the ball back to the county court for reassignment. The power of the blogs!

Both judges finally did the right thing and recused themselves from this conflicted case. Now we will await its reassignment to another court in the county. Stay tuned!

It only took a week for the Governor of Texas to be arraigned after he was charged by a Texas Grand Jury with a couple of felonies. But its taken over a month to get Republican Drone and $90+ thousand dollar a year Legislative employee Richard Crist to be arraigned after he was arrested after an altercation with his son which resulted in the boy getting medical treatment. Crist is pictured above, presumably calling in a favor.

We are not going to get into the personal stuff here as this as any such incident involving a father and son should not be part of the political dialogue. But what is part of the political and public dialogue is how the justice system works for the politically connected.

After both Schodack GOP judges properly removed themselves from the case involving their hometown GOP chair, the case was reassigned by the Rensselaer County Court to another jurisdiction. You guessed it, we're about to "welcome back" Richard Crist to North Greenbush, where he dutifully helped BOTH of our GOP town judges get elected by gathering critical absentee ballots in those deciding minor party primaries.

Tuesday at 6PM, (tonight, Primary Day), Mr. Crist is scheduled to be arraigned by one of those two town judges, both of whom should follow the example set in Schodack, and recuse from the matter involving their campaign bud.

At this writing one of those judges is playing with the Judicial Canons of Ethics by displaying a campaign lawn sign for the GOP candidate for District Attorney, Joel Abelove, who gratefully accepted petition signatures from Mr. Crist, AFTER he was charged by police with these misdemeanors which are routinely  prosecuted by the County DA's Office.
Now there's an example of good judgement, running for DA and using someone charged with crimes being prosecuted by the office your running for, to get your petition signatures.  If Abelove ever got elected DA, he'd certainly have an abundance of potential campaign workers ready and waiting! And we don't just mean Republican Drones like Mr. Crist who promotes the GOP team at every corner including taking pictures for the candidates like Mr. Abelove as in the shot below. Lot's of potential "volunteers" are prosecuted by the DA's office every day!

So tomorrow, Mr. Crist will be welcomed back to North Greenbush where one of his judges will face a decision whether to recuse form this conflicted case or create the appearance all judges must avoid, making a decision which will always be suspect as a return favor. So while we don't want you to forget to vote in the Primaries tomorrow, why not stop in at town court at 6 to see the long overdue arraignment. And if you need a lawn sign, call Lou!


Anonymous said...

What a double standard for politicians when it comes to domestic violence. The NFL suspends a player indefinitely for an act of domestic violence, cops get suspensions, but the GOP in Renss County Legislature does noting to its employee.

Anonymous said...

This town blows.it's getting harder and harder to ignore the stench of corruption and cronyism over that of garlic and hair gel.
Sofa King

Anonymous said...

Innocent until proven guilty...remember that?

Anonymous said...

Or until a GOP weasel makes a phone call.....remember that?