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Monday, March 10, 2014

Apologies to Sen.Cruz

Well, appears Mr. Desso ordered the thinking caps on in town hall and had the boys author a response to a recent letter chiding his firing of a part time employee who made the mistake of running against Desso's candidate, Michael Massone.

We're happy to link it here from the Sunday Record. Better, we're happy to get a good laugh from the new clinical psychologist in town hall who thinks anyone who offers criticism of Mr. Desso must have a mental disorder, or "unhealthy obsession".

Perhaps the new clinical terminology is the result of yet another action by the GOP run County Civil Service Commission which with a few strokes of the pen, eliminated the need for any college degrees for what was once a professional job title, Deputy Commissioner of Mental Health, so that Lou Desso could have an $81,000 political appointment. What the heck, if they can vote to make a professional job devoid of any higher educational degrees, they can make clinical psychologists of town board members.

And if you are Ted Cruz, the far right senator from Texas, an apology is due from Al Spain's claim that Mr. Desso was once compared to the good Senator. What could be more insulting if you are Ted Cruz who if nothing else, is a principled far right Conservative. Senator Cruz would never try to run as a Democrat after accepting the Republican, Conservative and Independence Parties endorsements. Yet Lou Desso did just that, missing three public hearings and a town board meeting to attend a party caucus.  And yes, Al Spain tried it too only to suffer  a defeat in a Democratic Primary.

So guys permit us to send Senator Cruz and apology for the claim that he was once compared to Ted Cruz. It's little more than the difference between a politician with principles and others here who have none, caring only about personal power. Call them "Republicrats".

A side note: The Town Board has a special meeting tonight at 6:30 PM to interview for an open board seat. Mr. Desso will undoubtedly look for another obedient tool that insures 5-0 votes on all matters before the board. Town Hall employees take note: if you challenge his choice, you too will be fired.

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