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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Proud Democrat Jeff Spain

You gotta give this guy credit for having lost touch with reality and having a large set of well, we wont print that here.

Here's Jeff Spain, a short lived Democratic Party Chairman who unlawfully gave away thousands in party funds only to be successfully sued and forced through a court order to pay back every penny by garnishment of his wages by the Ulster County Sheriff, trying to tell people he's still a Democrat but only supports Republicans because he puts his hometown ahead of his party.

Yea right! Does he put it ahead of the two public payrolls the Republicans have put him on, one in the County on the Sewer Commission and another here in North Greenbush on the Planning Board? Ooops, he forgot to mention that!

He forgot to mention the money he was entrusted with only to break the law and give it away to cripple the party he says he's proud to be enrollled in and to help the GOP that pays him to write this crap.

Every town needs a clown and North Greenbush has it's share. So clap on Mr. Spain. Put a few more GOP lawn signs up because it seems no one in this family professing to be Democrats can find a single Democrat to support with a lawn sign. Only Republicans. We guess it's because they are "proud Democrats" and that it has nothing whatever to do with the paychecks they take home with the support of the GOP they work with and for.  As for the Republicans the Spain's are endorsing, are you really comfortable with being endorsed by someone you dare not trust with your money? Perhaps Bernie Madoff is available for an endorsement as well.

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