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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Live Entertainment on Main Ave

It's not often we get to see and hear people who have been watching the national Fox News Channel or some other right wing purveyors of hate and distrust.

These two people in their 60's see nothing wrong with displaying pictures of the President wearing a Hitler mustache.
Their blind anger knows no boundaries and their intellects are at best challenged by an inability to differentiate facts from the fictional contrivances they are bombarded with from the right.
Let's just hope they go back where they came from and don't turn to any act of violence which has been all to frequent these days in our country.

If you happen by them, don't get in a fender bender. They aren't worth it.


Bluce Rhee said...

Perhaps Obamacare will assist them in getting some anti psychotic meds!

Anonymous said...

The comment you made about these people people on the right is sickening and just a lie.
What did the left say about President Bush? What kind of pictures can you find all over Google that can be attributed to the left? What did a national liberal radio host wish of President Bush? Before you start bashing the people on the right look at your own party.

If you wish to have a debate over this issue of hate from a certain political group I welcome it.

Just write back here and we can set up the debate anywhere anytime.

Anonymous said...

Scared to post my comment I see. Way to be a stand up liberal, censor anyone who does not agree with you or challenges you to an honest debate.

Anonymous said...

I wonder do you often get mistaken for a woman? Clearly you are not a man who will not reply to a challenge when you try to smear people.

Again I will debate with you the lies that you have posted on here about people who protested Obama.

But I know you are too scared to do so. By the way I am not one of those clowns who call themselves Republicans in Wynantskill.

The North Greenbush Pipeline said...

Sorry it took so long to post these magnificent, inciteful comments. Been busy with life and less time for the blog. But I am truly pleased to let people see what kind of intellects create such disgraceful public displays and disparaging comments regarding ladies.

Anonymous said...

Lets go then tough guy. Lets have a real debate then? Scared...yes you are. You tremble because someone calls you out. Not one of these NG town idiots, but someone with education and more knowledge about politics then you would ever hope to have.
I will give you or anyone my name, address and ph# and feel free to call or show up for a real debate for you to lose.

You sit on a high horse and have the internet tough guy status but fail to go out in the real world and accept a challenge. You also fail to be honest.

And listen up jerk, I don't know these people who you have belittled but do you know the phrase, pot...kettle?? Look in the mirror punk.

The North Greenbush Pipeline said...

We have chosen to publish these normally banned comments because they point to the "character" of the individual writing them. Not only do they lack perspective in their personal lives but they cannot tolerate criticism when confronted. They act like a cornered animal in the wild.