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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Interest in Desso's County Job Bloom

Update: You can read another story on this subject from the Times Union here.

Looks like the news media is also interested in the new job given to former GOP County Legislator Lou Desso. They too have taken a look at the watered down changes to the long standing educational requirements of the position of Deputy Director of Mental Health and devoted space in the paper to the questions being raised.

Here's a link to the first story to appear in the Troy Record. They were kind enough to post both job descriptions so you can see how connections count in Rensselaer County government.

There are other media outlets pursuing the issue and just maybe a big surprise for our newly minted doctor. (We decided that if the county can change a job description to eliminate educational qualifications for this job, we could simply make Mr. Desso a doctor by giving him a white coat and calling him one without ever going to medical school. What the heck right?)

We did learn that Mr. Desso attended a college and may have some college credits although he did not say for sure. We also learned he is enrolled at a college now. Apparently his silence at board meetings is replaced with answers when reporters question him.

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