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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Desso Explains HIs Pension Credits

North Greenbush Town Board Meeting May 10, 2012
They say silence is golden and if tonight's response from Councilman/County Legislator Lou Desso is any indication, he's got a lot to be quiet about. Sixty hours a week to be exact, the number of hours he reports to the NY State Retirement System for a public pension for time he claims he spends working as both a Councilman and a County Legislator.

That's a tad more than a full time public employee's regular work week and when you add the fact that he holds a full time private sector job which we presume to be a 40 hour week, Mr. Desso is working 100 hours during that FIVE day work week.  If you do the math, you know that there are only 120 hours total in a five day work week leaving Mr. Desso some 20 hours over 5 days to sleep.
Maybe his four hours of sleep a night for the past year is responsible for his inability to explain his pension reports to the State Comptroller or maybe he's just engaged in a practice so many folks were held accountable for during the past years by the State Attorney General and State Comptroller.
We just can't say and neither can Mr Desso who in effect took the Fifth tonight rather than explain his reporting of hours for a publicly funded pension.
Below are the hours Desso reports to the State from each job, county on the left and town on the  right.

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