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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rough Night and a Prayerful Desso

It was not the best of nights for the Town Board led by Lou Desso and his sidekick Al Spain. Both were on the hot seat over the criticism of their lack of due diligence documented in the State Comptroller's Office. The pressure was certainly expected and Lou Desso invoked a "spiritual like" sermon after public comments which made one feel like making the sign of the cross. Even Desso looked like he couldn't believe what he was reading, cracking a smile at one point during the "service".

It was the first time television news came to town hall in a long time. Ch. 13 covered the meeting as well as reporters from both newspapers. Al Spain, pictured above was questioned by a battery of local press after the meeting. Their solution to many of the audit's conclusions was to say they were "inaccurate". Yes, Spain even denied the accuracy of the audit's assertion that he acknowledged to the auditors that he was aware of the large transfers of money he as a Board member never bothered to place on an agenda for approval, thus making the transfers unlawful while keeping them secret from the public. Mr. Desso was also said to have made this admission to the auditor's although he made no denial of his admission last night.

You can read it in the Times Union here and the Record here.

Better yet, you can see the full report on CH-13 here.

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