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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Very Religious?

We normally don't find religion as a topic here and this is hardly religious commentary. But people have been noticing one politician's presence at multiple masses at St. Jude's in Wynantskill.

Not that we have any reason to suspect that there has been some amazing infusion of religious zeal for this pol, rather we suspect that he is ratcheting up his use of church to further his political ambitions. Masses gather hundreds of worshipers who are viewed by cynical politicians as "voters".

When your obsession for power becomes so desperate that you see parishioners as voters and start attending multiple masses so you can be "seen", people notice. They also notice the obvious effort to draw attention to yourself at a mass with the simple act of walking down an isle. The unassuming have no propensity to make eye contact with the congregation. The campaigner can't keep his eyes off them. The nods to person after person walking down the isle, many of whom he may not even know just give away what's really in his head.

We'll leave it to readers to figure out who this North Greenbush politician is and why he is now attending multiple masses, (at least to be outside the door at the beginning or the end or both of the second mass,) but you'll find a clue in the word "multiple". Hey, look for him at St. Michael's next. Be assured if he's there he's either been to St. Jude's or is in between masses!

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