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Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Bad Sign

Where else but North Greenbush would you find a a former Republican Town Board member returning a "Democratic" lawn sign supporting the GOP candidate for Town Supervisor in next Tuesday's Democratic Party Primary?

The sign was apparently on the lawn of the former councilman's brother but it's unclear whether permission was given to place the sign. What is clear is that there are as many Republicans angry at the GOP for nominating a fake Republican instead of one of their own faith as their are Democrats angry at a so called Democrat running as a Republican and trying to run as a Democrat in a party primary as well.

Confused? It gets better. The former councilman Joe Stycznski (spelled correctly!) found himself attacked by the Democratic Town Clerk whom he promptly put in her place for "running the meeting" again. Naturally, the Clerk wanted him arrested for "stealing the sign" but the town police watching from the audience could only gasp.

The joke among Democrats is not only that Al Spain is pretending to be a Democrat while running as a Republican, but that the majority of his Democratic Primary signs are on the properties of prominent GOP politicians. Stephanie Piel, a GOP Board candidate has one on Winter Street. The Fiacco strip mall property on RT 4 has one. Property owned by another Republican near Cumberland Farms has one. Never have so many Republicans tried to influence a Democratic Primary that they can't even vote in!

Apparently there is a similar joke among Republicans that Al Spain who voted against Chip Fab during his last board stint, is running with the GOP endorsement. In Joe's words, he pretending to be a Republican! We'll Joe, his voting record with this majority is 100% Republican which is why so many Democrats want nothing to do with him.

Lets all agree to call him a Republicrat. For our purposes, that's a politician who stands for nothing but winning with party labels serving only as ballot positions from which to secure power.

Tonight the sign episode stole the show. It even overshadowed an absurd refusal to support a resolution to urge the county IDA to proceed with a process to build the I 90 connector and save the 14 million dollars still available from the Federal government for the project.

Seems to us that the town's Comprehensive Plan has a provision in there supporting the building of the connector and if these Republicans refuse to pass a new resolution, maybe we can mail the IDA the Comprehensive Plan which the board voted to approve, complete with support for the connector?

It's all in a day's work in North Greenbush.

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