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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Putting Politics Back at HVCC

It's truly amazing with all of the ethical and even legal controversies swirling around the area that Rensselaer County Republicans would even consider trying to undo a 20 year old ethics law provision with just one purpose, to insulate Hudson Valley Community College from the appearance that politics governs the decisions of it's Board of Trustees.

Yet that's exactly what the GOP in the County Legislature has on its agenda tonight, to repeal a key provision of the 1992 County Ethics Law that prevents political party officers, including party chairs, from simultaneously serving on the Board of Trustees at HVCC.

We can't wait to see how our own Lou Desso votes on this one. What an amazing position to be in, being expected by his GOP caucus to vote to approve the rescinding of this law so one of their own party chairs, we presume, can again go back on the school's Board of Trustees to throw his influence around with the mantle of the Republican Party Chairmanship. At the same time, Desso sits on the North Greenbush Town Board which has a similarly intended ethics law provision aimed at limiting the appearance that town party chairs are influence decisions at the town level by banning them form simultaneously holding any paid position in town government.

How do you support weakening an ethics law at the county level while trying to convince folks you support a similarly intended provision at the town level? The circus acrobats are about to return tonight when the Rensselaer County Legislature puts one of it star performers on stage to do a high wire act worthy of the great Wallendas!

Will Desso be able to proclaim his support for the intent of this law in North Greenbush while voting to rescind it in Rensselaer County? Or is there a hidden agenda to repeal the same type of provision here in North Greenbush and put party chairs on the town payroll. Tune in tonight for the circus and be sure and read the incredible spin justifying this move from the County Legislature in today's Record and Times Union.

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