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Friday, August 19, 2011

And Where Is Al Spain on Ethics Law?

Al Spain wants to lead a town, but he can't seem to get the courage to stand up to his boss Lou Desso even when Desso does something blatantly against the public interest like trying to weaken an ethics law.

Spain had a chance to show up at a Public Hearing in front of the County Executive this week like his opponent Charlie Smith did, to express opposition to Desso and his GOP allies efforts to weaken the county ethics law. But he chose not to.

You can read the entire editorial in the Times Union by clicking on the screen shot above. We hope Kathy Jimino follows the advice given her at the public hearing and in today's Times Union. She's never been at the center of any ethics controversy and as she begins to look back at her own legacy, it's clear this is not the time to enter such a storm.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of "wrong way louie" seems as he showed up for the good lou's meet and greet at carol's pizza....but he wasn't allowed in !!!!!

Interested Party said...

Kind of like "good cop, bad cop"- we have " good Lou, bad Lou"- but the bad Lou (Desso) is real bad. Don't know how he got this far- either by bullying or by bull sh&tting- but thre is a serious lack of character here.

Good luck to Charlie against Al the Republicrat!