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Monday, July 11, 2011

Ethics Board To Meet Legally

After some scorching criticism of the Town Board and its failure to provide instruction to its Ethics Board on adherence to the State's open Meetings Law, the Ethics Board is meeting again, presumably to do over its first meeting ever since it was appointed last year. That meeting was properly noticed for Tuesday July 12th at 10am at town hall.

Now we'll see whether they have been schooled on the provisions of the Open Meetings Law and whether they have an open discussion of the ethics complaints lodged against Councilmen Desso and Spain which have too long languished in the "protect 'em" mentality of certain town officials.

The Board must be careful to recognize these complaints as questions surrounding the conduct of a public official which must be discussed in an open forum and frankly may entail the need to question these officials publicly. We will inform you of the results.

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