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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lou's PT Withdraws

Lou Cotrona's, (above) personal trainer has apparently decided to withdraw his name from consideration for a job in the town courts as a part time clerk. The decision comes just a day after Cotrona led the charge from the floor of a town board meeting in which his board allies Lou Desso, Al Spain and Kelly Hoffman, carried water for the choice over a town resident believed to be preferred by the town judges. Joe Bott did not weigh in on the choice during last Thursday's meeting.

The "elephant in the room" regarding the effort to decide who got the needed position in the courts was clearly the failed candidate's connection to his "godfather" who brought the Albany County resident to the table. With no connection to the town, his only avenue for consideration was Board Commandant Lou Cotrona, who once was removed by the Courts from a seat on the East Greenbush School Board because he didn't reside in the district! Hey, no wonder Cotrona and Desso see eye to eye, they were both removed from an elected position by the courts! How quaint.

So now watch as the vindictive majority on the board refuses to appoint the choice preferred by the town judges, a town resident who pays taxes here. Watch as they complain about uncollected fines and reduced court hours all caused by their failure to accept that the courts are administered by judges, not town board members trying to fill the court with friends, allies and personal trainers.

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Anonymous said...

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now we've got 2 loony lous'...wrong way louie and now suntan lou.....real lulus.....