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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Strenka Strikes Back

When Lou Desso and company went after the professional reputation of the man he fired last January because he couldn't manipulate him into a complete political stooge, that was enough for the former Comptroller to speak out.

He lambasted the clearly unprofessional report issued by Cusack and Company, a CPA form paid to look at town book keeping practices and make recommendations to the town after they rashly fired the Comptroller. On it's face the report looks innocuous but the failure of the firm to do the most basic thing before issuing a report gives rise to the appearance that they were willing participants in a political hit at taxpayer expense. They failed to contact the man they were critical of for his response and input into their concerns. Obviously when you gag a defendant at trial and prevent him from offering a defense, the conclusions remain unchallenged. And that's exactly what the CPA firm did, they failed, probably because Desso told them not to make contact, to check with with the man they were criticizing for his side before issuing the report. That is simply unprofessional.

Also the meeting of the Finance Committee on Tuesday evening as another failure to extend the courtesy of seeking a response from Strenka. This group includes Lou Cotrona as the new hit man for the majority. He threw more bombs and innuendo than could be calculated at the meeting and why not, Strenka was not there to rebut him. Fairness abounds with this crew!

There are sure to be fireworks at the meeting tonight when Act III of this drama takes place. Once again they will demonstrate their courage by attacking a man who is not present to defend his professional reputation. Then the majority will announce who, to quote Strenka, their "political crony" is to take his position. It is on the agenda for 7PM.

One thing is certain, Desso and the gang look bad in this one. Firing a guy who was doing a good job, trying to destroy his reputation to fix the bad perception Desso gained from the firing and hiring of the assessor with his felony charges. And now the final act, the hiring of his political crony. We can't wait for the ceremony.

Here are links to stories in both the Times Union and Troy Record. Also we'd welcome the press releases of Strenka and Desso on this one. We'll publish them in their entirety.

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