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Friday, February 18, 2011

Manhattan DA Eyes Connolly

You have to wonder whether North Greenbush politicos will seek or accept the endorsement of town resident Tom Connolly when they seek re-election this year to the town board. Connolly is head of the County Independence Party, and is under investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney.

Today's NY Post drops a new bombshell including charges of cover-up, back dating a contract and the usual stuff that is an integral part of Connolly's background here in our county. You can read the latest article here. A search of this blog details many of the past capers involving Connolly who was recently terminated from the payroll of a Democratic State Senator from a $100,000 a year job. The joke is how he got the job in the first place, through the largess of Joe Bruno, when he was head of the Senate Republicans. While on the "Democratic " payroll, he worked with the GOP, especially here in Rensselaer County, where he endorsed GOP candidates carte-blanche, except for one, his sister, North Greenbush Clerk Katie Connolly, who remains a registered Democrat like Al Spain.

Both, however, continue to align themselves with the Republican Party, with Connolly accepting the GOP endorsement in the last town election and Spain, likely to do so this time around. The only real question is whether they will be branded with the endorsement of the scandal ridden Tom Connolly by accepting his Wilson Pakula endorsement waiver to run on the Independence Party line which Tom Connolly still chairs.

Again, we invite our readers to do a search on this blog of Tom Connolly. You'll find a treasure trove of past indiscretions from a falsified Troy City Hall job application in which he falsely stated he had graduated from Manhattan College, to his stolen bicentennial prints gifted to his mother and a sitting district attorney. Hey Senate Republicans, planning to rehire him any time soon?

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