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Friday, January 28, 2011

Looking Bad in the Comptroller Caper

Thank God for Super Lou. If it weren't for Lou Desso the town would still have a Comptroller instead of the debacle it is still suffering through. And thank God again for Super Lou. Without him the town would still be suffering from the deficit he claims he inherited from predecessors he doesn't like.

Last night Desso and his majority admitted they didn't know what they should have known before rushing to fire the Comptroller and replace him with a political ally. Their lack of due diligence caused them to appoint someone who hours earlier was being arraigned on two felonies. Shame on the Board for not doing it's job and we can't say much for the appointee's judgment in apparently keeping them in the dark about the arrest and doing his part to make them look like a bunch of fools.

But we can correct Lou Desso one more time about his often repeated claims that he erased this massive deficit inherited from his predecessors, presumably, the big bad Democrats. Last night you would think that Desso and Spain alone erased the deficit, that the Comptroller had nothing whatever to do with the slow reduction in the town's deficit which began under Lou Desso's 2005 running mates.

Lou forgets that when he ran and lost in 2005, he and his team were claiming they had a big surplus of $100 Grand. Then a funny thing happened after the election. The new board got a bill from the State seeking payment of a past due payment to the retirement system. The big surplus was a big lie. Instead, there was a big deficit and Lou's team of 2005 created it.

Now we wouldn't bother to bring up this history if Super Lou would stop bragging about things that just ain't true. But the fact is Lou Desso alone did not turn town finances around. He had a great deal of help from a professional independent Comptroller.

That's all changed now because of Mr. Desso's rash action to fire the Comptroller and replace him with someone he failed to properly research with a thorough appointment and interview process. Nice work Lou, we're sure you're proud of your actions no matter how much egg may be on your face and the town board as a result.

By the way, here's that little press release from the folks who beat Lou in 2005 released just 12 days after they took office. A little history lesson for people who either lack the capacity for truth or the memory to discuss it. Also, here is a link to an article in today's Troy Record, the only newspaper that reports on events in North Greenbush.
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