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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Not All Hijackers Wear Turbans

As this letter published in the Troy Record Friday demonstrates, not all "hijackers" wear turbans. Some prefer the more pretentious variety of head gear worn by royalty. As the Chairman of the North Greenbush Democratic Party has documented in his letter, Lou Desso has hijacked a good deal of the powers associated with the Supervisor's Office and has gone so far as to hijack the Democratic Party nomination, a party he loathes, in order to ensure his power grab in town hall.

We'll let Chairman Ashley's letter do the talking because we would only be repeating some of the many instances of power grabbing that Desso and his sidekick, "Democrat" Al Spain have indulged in since last January. Suffice to say, Ashley dubs Desso the town's "Hijacker and Chief" and provides the details to back up the claim.

But we're betting, and hearing, that Desso is petrified about voting with his caucus to approve the GOP county tax hike in December. Desso is scared of the criticism he's having leveled at him out here by his Democratic opponents for wearing two hats, demanding no tax hike on the town board while staying silent in any opposition to a tax hike proposed by his Republican allies in the county legislature. That makes him an unreliable vote for the GOP and that's something he himself won't tolerate here in North Greenbush with the three board members who blindly follow his edicts and demands when voting.

We'll have to see how the GOP reacts when and if Desso gives them the heave ho on the budget and its tax hike proposition. The problem of course is that the GOP needs 13 votes to pass a tax hike of this size and Desso is part of the GOP 13 seat majority. This explains all the behind the scenes efforts by the GOP to get at least one Democrat in the Legislature to vote yes on the budget, a move that would be nothing short of political suicide for the minority party stripped of everything but the kitchen sink in their office, staff etc.

As we said, not all hijackers wear turbans. But we couldn't resist showing you what one might look like without a crown. Anybody got a flute? Charm that snake baby!

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joe spairana said...

i do agree except that no one can hi-jack anything ie:supervisor's duties etc. theses so called powers are given up...............