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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Budget Agenda Leaves Public in the Dark

As you can see from the agenda put out yesterday for the budget meeting Thursday November 18th at 6PM, the Board Majority of Desso, Spain, Hoffman and Bott offered no resolutions amending the Tentative Budget. That's to keep the public in the dark and spring it on them at the meeting. Nice work folks!

The resolutions on the budget which appear on the agenda are being offered by the Supervisor. They include a resolution to pay some $18,000 to the State Pension Funds by raising the General Fund Tax Levy 1.5%. Of course Lou Desso has to be opposed to raising taxes here. But not at the county level where he is expected to deliver one of the critical 13 Republican votes needed to raise county taxes 5% which will take some $282,000 out of the pockets of the same North Greenbush property taxpayers he says, as a town board member, he will not raise taxes on.

Troy Record Details Budget Issues

The Troy Record published this article yesterday which did a fine job of detailing the plan missing from the official Town Board agenda to take money from the Highway Department to pay for a General Fund Spending Spree. Christmas is coming early to North Greenbush but according to Mark Premo, today's gifts paid for from the Highway Budget, will force tax increases or more debt in the future to pay for planned renovations to the Highway Garage including a badly need addition. The Board Majority is planning a fiscal sleight of hand with the Highway Funds, transferring money to the General Fund so they can restore jobs for their friends and increase General Fund Spending dramatically. Hold on to your wallets!

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