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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Desso Disrupts Polling Place

Lou Desso was at church again last night doing what he's noticed to do at Sunnday Masses, campaigning. This time the church was a polling place, St. Michael's ED5 and Desso was electioneering in violation of the law prohibiting a candidate or his surrogates from campaigning or electioneering within 100 feet of a designated polling place.

Desso entered the polling location and proceeded to attempt to "show" a Working Families voter how to write his name in on the ballot. Had an inspector been asked by the voter, the election official could have assisted the voter legally, but a candidate has no business inside this voter sanctuary.

As the scene was unfolding, Desso was confronted by an election inspector who politely told him he could not do that here. Desso issued an angry response calling the inspector "You're ans a....hole, I can do anything I want. The Board of Elections was called in and what action was taken could not be determined by press time. However it didn't end there. Desso lingered about the polling place a while and then stated loud enough for all to hear "You're one of Ashley's A...holes." This is the same guy who publicly urinated at the Elk's parking lot during the Democratic Caucus which he brazingly infiltrated. The same guy who justa few years ago, ripped an enrollment book out the hand of an inspector in ED 8 Gardner Dickinson School.

His aggressive behavior at polling places has concerned many people familiar with his behavior. We'll keep you informed of what may transpire including the filing of a complaint based on the recommendation of election officials.

Nice work Lou. You're a stellar example for all.

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