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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No Wonder Desso Is Afraid of An Opponent

You gotta love it when Republican's count the bucks and panic! It's time to screw the town cops by asking the Governor to veto the police retirement bill the town board unanimously asked the Legislature to approve earlier this year. Yep, there is an agenda item asking the Governor to veto the cops retirement bill which would have righted an error which caused several officers not to be included in the pension system over a number of years.

The problem is Desso Math. Lou promised there wouldn't be a tax hike no matter what the deficit was, and that he wasn't sure what it was, even though it's on file with the State Comptroller as reported by the Town Comptroller, and that whatever it was he was sure it wasn't $400,000.

Well it seems that $221,000 lump sum payment due in February finally lit the bulb in Lou's head. When added to the town's reported cumulative deficit of $171,000, the town would face a near $400,000 shortfall for the 2011 budget due out in a month.

Desso's answer requires that we pay a Building Inspector overtime, or about $39.00 an hour to clean bathrooms instead of paying a janitor or part time laborer minimum wage to to the same tough task which is obviously a critical component of any Building Inspector's Civil Service Job Description.

That's what Mike Miner, Lou's favorite Conservative Party Committeeman put in for paid overtime on his time sheets obtained under FOIL. No budget crisis when it comes to taking care of friends and toilets!

So when in crisis, appoint a new Legislative Assistant to help you figure out the mess you've got yourself into. And why not Democrat Lou Cotrona who led the charge for Republicans at the recent Democratic Party Caucus nomination by nominating Lou Desso. To say Cotrona is misguided would be an understatement, evidenced not only by his nomination of a GOP candidate as a Democratic nominee for town board, but also by his past forgetfulness as to where he lives when he ran for the East Greenbush School Board while living outside of the district. Yes, he was finally ordered off the school board, but what a fiasco he created for the district. You can read the decision of that epic Google Maps miscalculation here.

So, we wait for Thursday's town board meeting. The fun begins at 7PM and no, we don't expect the town's expensive ceiling camera to be working.Maybe the new Legislative Assistant can take over the job of providing public access to town board meetings? No matter what happens, it sure is easy to understand why Lou Desso is so afraid of an opponent!

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