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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Celeste will Oppose Desso

Despite Lou Desso fear of having an opponent, it appears that he will have to face the voters after all. Delores Celeste has filed an Independent Petition granting her the Taxpayers First line in the fall. This is similar to the effect that town residents created when they formed the Greenbush Party in past elections. Regardless, if the petitions are not successfully challenged by the obviously frightened Desso, there will be an election this fall where voters, not Lou Desso, get to make the decision on whether he gets to hold a conflicting elective office while serving on the town board.

Nearly 300 town residents representing every party and independents, signed the 26 page petition turned in yesterday at the Board of Elections. Mr. Desso will soon learn that there are Republicans upset that he's on the Democratic line after invading that party's nominating caucus with town employees and a renegade faction of registered Democrats who do the GOP's bidding in town. He already knows that real Democrats are out to send him a message for hijacking their party nomination while opposing each and every platform issue that town Democrats enunciate.

There's nothing like being afraid to give voters a choice at the ballot box and Lou Desso is obviously afraid of any opponent, perhaps especially so, of a woman.

Stay tuned!

Look for the "Leak" On DVD This Fall

We've had so many requests to post the "short" video of Lou Desso displaying his class at the parking lot of the Elk's Lodge that it's time to explain what we can and can't do.

First, the standards of web publishing on this blog site run by Google prevent the posting of the video of Mr. Desso taking a leak on democracy and the Democratic process in North Greenbush. Even if we wanted to, we couldn't post it here.

Second, we have standards at this publication and publishing Mr. Desso's crude conduct at an SUV has no socially redeeming value and hence, we will not publish it on the web. We hear, however, that the owner of the video has other ideas which include the creation and release of an original short DVD in the fall entitled, "Mr. Desso's Leak on Democracy". It's a cute title and it's sure to cause a few laughs and gasps in town but what the hell, a picture says a thousand words about one's class or lack thereof so we say, go for it!

If the owner of the video provides us a copy of the limited edition DVD, we'll show you a picture of it, and no more, here on the Pipeline. So, the anticipation of fall is with us already as Mr. Desso's fear of a fair election may produce, shall we say, unintended consequences. Since we've seen the live show, permit us to assure you it's a "short" story with no plot and a boring ending. If it were made into a song, we'd have to call it "Puddle on the Parking Lot", by Willie DNT Makeit, aka County Legislator, Town Councilman, Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Independence Party and who knows, Working Families Party candidate Lou Desso.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad somebody doesn't have Fiacco on tape saying, "We own this town." It would be great to show everybody's true colors.