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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Eliminate the 3rd Police Shift!

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Super Lou!

You can imagine our surprise when we heard that the Board Majority was floating the notion of eliminating the entire third shift of the Police Department. Even the Police Officers were shocked to hear this one and for good reason.

The town's self appointed ace Super Negotiator, fresh from his meddling in the UPSEU contract negotiations at town hall, was apparently one of those floating the idea. Lou Desso, or "Super Lou", as he's now called, apparently does not "stick" to the fact that the there is a contract in place which provides for minimum staffing of all police shifts.

While the cops were not amused, we can understand why Desso would want to target Law Enforcement Officers for budget cuts. After all, he's had enough encounters with law enforcement over the years to fill more than one blotter.

If you believe what Desso writes, he's eliminated tax hikes two years in a row and plans no tax hike this year. The deficit, all $400,000 of it is no reason to raise taxes or cut more spending and what the hell, why not give his favorite town hall employee an extra 10 grand in overtime to to the job of a guy he fired for three times as much pay! Hell, who needs a Town Supervisor when we have a town Super Lou, mild mannered County Legislator by day fighting for truth justice and the American way by night as an all things rolled into one modern political super hero!

The contracts, all of them, are on the agenda for tomorrow's Board meeting and please, leave the Kryptonite jokes home and don't laugh at the official uniform if he wears it to the meeting.


Anonymous said...

Wow! This picture of our very own super politician and super hero is down loadable! I've printed out mine and all I need now is his autograph!Should I have him sign it as my county legislator or my town councilman or as Super Lou? So many public paychecks and so little time to decide.

Anonymous said...

While this story is amusing, on a serious note, the town of North Greenbush (like many towns) needs to cut their budget to address their defecit and get spending under control.

I would like to suggest that the town add a "suggestion link" to their website where residents can submit a serious post offering ideas of spending that can be cut or reduced.

Unfortunately residents do not attend meetings for various reasons (too time consuming, frustrating, don't feel heard, other conflicts, family/work demands etc.) but they do care and do have ideas.

Changing times calls for changing the way we approach town government and how residents are heard. How about it North Greenbush? Give your residents an opportunity to give you suggestions how we can get our spending under control. Be sure to alert residents via local media how they can voice their options on the town website.

Let's remember all elected officials are REPRESENTATIVES. Reach out to your constituents so that you may represent them.