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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dems React To A Hiding Spain

Although Jeff Spain himself could not be reached for comment by the Troy Record, the Democrats who took him to court to recover the party funds he gave away after he lost control of the committee were calling for his resignation and pledge never again to seek party office. You can read a story from the Troy Record here and below a press release from Party Chair Dan Ashley.
Ashley Spain Decision 610

It should be interesting to watch what Spain and his alliance of registered Democrats do as they ponder trying to run for party committee seats on Spain's behalf so that he can continue to do the bidding of his Republican benefactors in town and county government. This court decision amounts to an indictment of his honesty and integrity and will loom over anyone associated with him.

Although regular Democrats are demanding his immediate resignation from the committee seat he holds in Election District 3, Spain is too arrogant to do anything so honorable or to accept responsibility for his actions. He's not up to the standards exhibited recently by major league umpire Jim Joyce who, unlike Spain, made a honest mistake, and manned up to it with immeasurable class.

Nor is he likely to voluntarily repay the committee which he deliberately crippled by giving away the store. No, not Jeff Spain.

Another Effort to Fire Youth Director

Lou Desso and Al Spain are apparently at it again. Desso has long wanted the job held by Youth Director Jerry Sickles and last week, he and Al Spain apparently tried to fire him again last week. We'll have more in tomorrow's edition.

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