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Monday, June 14, 2010

Baseball Politics

What a lesson the game of baseball has offered those in North Greenbush who play politics. It was a near perfect game that Detroit pitcher Armando Galarraga pitched last week. Near perfect because umpire Jim Joyce made a mistake and called a man safe who was clearly out.

His response to the mistake which cost the young pitcher a place in the record books was one on the most sterling examples of personal courage and sportsmanship. He didn't demonize those who criticized his mistake. He took responsibility and better yet, he sought out the pitcher and gave a truly heartfelt apology for his mistake. Pitcher Galarraga was equally classy in forgiving the man who obviously felt pained by the error, fully realizing how much he had taken from this young pitcher's career history.

If only the folks in politics in North Greenbush had this kind of class. Imagine folks on the town board admitting they made a mistake when confronted with it instead of trying to hide it, deny it, blame the messenger as some type of demon for daring to point out wrongs and try trying to right them.

Baseball can offer a truly great lesson in life. This weeks near perfect game brought together two people on one playing field who shared a love for a game and were possessed of such a high degree of class as to offer all of us a truly perfect lesson in life.

We can only hope some of the North Greenbush politicians take a minute to learn from it. But judging from their past displays of character, we suspect little change, either from those who can never admit a mistake or from those have yet to figure out the mistakes they've made.

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Anonymous said...

It is rediculous to elminate the Youth Director's position without eliminating the entire department. Cutting the director's job makes it personal. Cutting the department makes economic sense.