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Thursday, March 18, 2010

President Picks Siena

Maybe it was his visit to the Capital District including North Greenbush and then again maybe it was the determined effort by the student body via a letter and tee-shirt sent to the White House urging the President to get it right and pick Siena this time. Whatever the reason, President Obama has picked Siena to beat Purdue in Friday's first round game of the NCAA tournament.

The President admitted that last year he got killed in his first round picks which included a team called Ohio State which fell to Siena. He went on to express his hope that this year he has corrected his errors which includes the first ever Presidential pick of Siena.

You can read about the student efforts to gain the Presidential endorsement here and watch the Presidential analysis here.

Good luck Saints from your sizable fan base in the town of North Greenbush!!

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