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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Trouble In Paradise?

Looks like Lou Desso may have miscalculated the legality of holding two elective municipal offices at the same time. We've documented the potential for a conflict of interest in this publication on numerous occasions. The more obvious example occurred when Desso injected himself into contract negotiations with Poestenkill to sell them water through our overbuilt pipeline, overbuilt so we could sell water to neighboring towns.

Desso was so anxious to suck up to Poestenkill voters since he was a candidate for legislature which included that town in the district, he neglected to aggressively represent his real constituency in North Greenbush where he was elected to the town council.. In the end, Poestenkill took its business elsewhere and North Greenbush is holding the bag for all those extra expenses in overbuilding the water system.

Now apparently, an attorney has been retained to enforce a section of law that legally prohibits a county elected officer from holding a town elective office simultaneously. According to a post in the Times Union, East Greenbsh officials were notified of the issue and intent to litigate the matter should two of Desso's running mates take the oath as Legislators and not  choose to step down as council members in East Greenbush. The same would apply to Desso here in North Greenbush and we can only guess that North Greenbush may have received a similar warning letter from the attorney in question.

We'll research the matter further but until we do, maybe we can get Lou to weigh in on hiring defeated legislator Neil Kelleher as a consultant to help poor Martin Reid learn how to be a Chairman of the Legislature. We doubt Lou Desso  would be in need of such remedial assistance but perhaps Mr.Reid is not as streetwise and requires someone to hold his hand while picking taxpayers pockets for $15,000 as a consultant fee. You can read about this gem in today's Record.

As they say, its the season for giving!


Interested Party said...

Lou is just like our former "good Senator" who just got himself 2 new felony convictions and facing possible jail time- they look after themselves first and everything (and everyone) else is second. It is not right that the same person can serve a Town and the County at the same time- a definite conflict of interest. And Neil K gets himself a little consulting deal for $15K per year- when does all the bullshit end???

Anonymous said...

we all know "wrong way louie" isn't to bright and in time he'll show his true colors........