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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Budget Meeting Tomorrow

The Town Board is poised to pass the 2010 budget Thursday evening at a special meeting which begins at 7PM.

The budget is still shepherding a deficit accumulated in 2009 which was last estimated to be $64,000. Look for some possible fiscal sleight of hand as efforts to erase deficit without a tax hike would require substantial cuts, many of which are needed anyway, or an effort to illegally transfer Highway Fund monies into the General Fund to pay for the deficit.  State Law forbids the "co-mingling" of such "dedicated funds" which would make an effort of this nature amending the budget unlawful.

We should also look to see if any serious effort is made to eliminate jobs in town hall and reorganize things in a manner which would provide independent supervision in the Building Department through the hiring of a non union Town Engineer whose duties would presumably include supervising the employees in that Department.

We'll keep you posted with the results.

North Greenbush School Spending

This graphic lists school spending in our region and we thought you might be interested to see how much we spend and where we rank verses other communities.


Anonymous said...

Its time the North Greenbush school merges with one of the surrounding districts and residents start paying their fair share of school taxes. The idea of maintaining that small building and providing services to such a small number of students is not cost effective.

Interested Party said...

North Greenbush (Little Red) will never merge w/ GD or East Greenbush- they are flush w/ Tech Park tax $$ and they have no incentive to merge and the out-of-date NYS education laws that we have will never force them to do so.